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If you love history and nature Gympie is absolutely the place to be! You would be missing out if you drive through Gympie without spending a day to take in all this beautiful little town has offer. Gold mining was the first big discovery that brought in settlers. You can learn to how to pan gold, pick berries, and about fine art. We have personally pulled some wonderful activities for you! Check them out and enjoy!

Cooloola Berries- 856Tagigan Rd, Gympie QLD
Pick your own berries, take a tour of the farm or enjoy a dessert with fresh berries in the café!

Lake Alford Park- 24 Bruce Hwy, Gympie QLD
Enjoy a beautiful day by the lake with your family. The children can play on the playground while you barbecue for dinner.

The Gympie Jungle- 23 Tozer St, Gympie QLD
Children will make memories while playing on all of our play equipment and you can have some quiet time to yourself. Free wi-fi is offered.

Gympie Regional Gallery- 39 Nash Street, Gympie QLD
Beautiful art is always a great thing to enjoy! Walk around the magnificent gallery you will be so impressed with the eclectic art!

Victory Heights Trail Network- Bath Terrace, Gympie QLD
The network of trails offers many options to enjoy with your family or friends. You can go for a hike and enjoy the eucalypt trees combined with all the amazing things nature offers. If hiking isn’t your cup of tea bring your bicycles or horses to ride along the trails. There is a kid friendly trail for beginners and little ones who want to ride as well.

Brooyar State Forest- Gympie QLD
Go camping, be at one with nature and leave the technology behind for a weekend. Glastonbury Creek is a bonus where you can skip rocks, fish, swim, and enjoy the forest with pure serenity.

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